Monday, February 25, 2013


This is a story board project I was assigned at for school. We were supposed to do an outro/intro/PSA/commercial thing for 30 seconds (Mines almost a minute... oops!)
I decided to do an outro of a film that I was thinking of! It's a story of a bear that wants to be a human. Etc, etc. It was originally based on Korean mythology. (It is said that Koreans are descendants of a bear)
There was supposed to be a tiger as her friend, and a sky god, but I felt like I was trying to put in way too many info in one small project. Honestly, I don't even know I did this the way the professor wanted it.... I hope she likes it though!
It was influenced a lot by the ending credits of Tangled. (Line quality, and how the ending was basically a summary of the whole story.)
This was also my first time using After Effects, so that was interesting... ha...

Critiques are always welcomed! Thanks for watching!

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Silhouettes and Ace

Today was friday, which meant Animation Student Collective day! Yay!
We have this thing called the weeklies, where we meet an hour early and just draw, draw, draw. Today's focus was silhouettes.
We used this website to draw silhouettes of dynamic poses of people.
I got some great advice that I should push more! Like be more aggressive? and exaggerate that bootie.
or the shoulders. 
The last page is the collective's mascot, Ace. I didn't know how many we were supposed to draw... so I drew a bunch.