Monday, February 25, 2013


This is a story board project I was assigned at for school. We were supposed to do an outro/intro/PSA/commercial thing for 30 seconds (Mines almost a minute... oops!)
I decided to do an outro of a film that I was thinking of! It's a story of a bear that wants to be a human. Etc, etc. It was originally based on Korean mythology. (It is said that Koreans are descendants of a bear)
There was supposed to be a tiger as her friend, and a sky god, but I felt like I was trying to put in way too many info in one small project. Honestly, I don't even know I did this the way the professor wanted it.... I hope she likes it though!
It was influenced a lot by the ending credits of Tangled. (Line quality, and how the ending was basically a summary of the whole story.)
This was also my first time using After Effects, so that was interesting... ha...

Critiques are always welcomed! Thanks for watching!


  1. Ooohh! Cool!! I love it! I know very little about Korean Mythology, but this definitely makes me interested! I didn't know it was said Koreans were descendant of bears!

    I recognised the Tangled ending style before you mentioned it! Really great idea! I wished there was music to go along with it! I'll put music on and watch it again! :3

    1. Thanks! I might... I might at music :D
      I think this was more of a stepping block towards my next project which was the Under the Stars project haha