Sunday, June 30, 2013

post.... "oops summer came and my brain just logged out."

Whooooa. Sorry for the inactive-ness for the past month... or two?
After school was over, I came back to Vancouver. (after a crazy time of "packing" (more like scrambling and flailing my arms midair shouting "I QUIT" a thousand times))

After a few days of peace, I had to start packing (AGAIN) for moving and shipping my stuff to Korea.
So that went on... for a couple days weeks. (6 years worth of stuff.... just crazy.)
and during that crazy, hectic time, dad and grandma came to visit us.
Then my little sister's grad!
and then actually moving!

Not gonna lie. I'm SO GLAD everything is done. (well almost. I'm going on a missionary trip? are those how they call it? like volunteering 2 weeks from now.... fun stuff!)

I finally got to catch a breath and got really pumped for art! (It's been a while, wow. Well, I did do a lot of sketches, I guess)

and VOILA!
So my little sister just graduated high school this month.
It was also her birthday 4 days ago.
Oh the dress that she wore to prom was just absolutely stunning!
So as a graduation gift-ish?
I drew her this pic.

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