Thursday, September 5, 2013

New Design for Media Project!

My previous attempt of the Design for Media Project was to design 3 characters that had the same purpose/color/design didn't really fit what the project was asking the students. So I decided to scratch that idea off, and branch off to another one.

I have always been interested in Mythology. I loved reading Greek mythology as a kid, Egyptian/Norse mythology as a teenager, etc. What I realized through this project is that I wanted to focus on Korean mythology this time, and perhaps render 3 designs of gods/goddesses/mythical creatures. Unfortunately, my local library (Columbus Metropolitan Library-Main branch) did NOT have ANY materials on Korean mythology. I was disappointed, but the more I tried to research information, the amount of material that was out there about Korean mythology was nothing compared to any other kind of mythology, including neighboring countries like Japan or China.

I did however, request a lot of the books on OPAL (Ohio Private Academic Libraries) of Korean mythology to CCAD's library. So hopefully I can start digging into these books when they get here. In the mean time, I did go on the internet to get some ideas to begin with. A starting point. However, the internet being the internet (too many things with too little organization), did not really offer information that I was looking for. Instead, I went back to the stories I read/listened as a kid and tried to think of a concept for the menagerie project.

(The Story of Our Gods, Jung-O Suh, left. An Illustrated Guide to Korean Mythology, Won-Oh Choi, right)

These are some of the books that I requested! I really like the color palette of the one of the right. I think it is supposed be a Moodang, a shaman that connects the two worlds (the land of the living and land of the dead).

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