Thursday, September 19, 2013

Update on Design for Media project

It's been 2 weeks! (I didn't update late week because I was quite sick)

My research materials arrived though!
I did not expect them to be in Korean.... Thank goodness I know how to read Korean!

Basically all I did last week was read read read. There were so many interesting materials of Korean mythology! It really was a shame that I don't have enough time to do more research and have a really solid background and meaning for the designs of the project.
I've decided to create designs for the Obang Sinjang myth.

Below is an image from the book "An Illustrated guide to Korean Mythology" of the Obang Sinjang, the gods/guardians of the directions. According to the book "Uri Sin Iyagi" (The Story of Our Gods), there are five guardians that protect people. 

1. The Guardian of the East, Dong bang chung jae. 동방청제
It protects the household from diseases and unfortunate events. It is recorded that he carries a spear-like weapon. He is usually represented with the color blue/green.

2. The Guardian of the West, Suh bang baek jae. 서방백제
 It protects the dead. Like guiding them safely to the right heaven/hell. (There are like 10 hells)
It is usually represented with the color white and and it is said it carries a trident. 

3. The Guardian of the South, Nam bang juck jae. 남방적제
It looks after the wealth of the household. It is recorded that it carries a long sword and represented by the color red. 

4. The Guardian of the North, Book bang hook jae. 북방흑제
It looks after death itself. It is recorded that it carries a mace and represented by the color black.

5. The Guardian of the Center, Joong ang hwang jae. 중앙황제
It is the one that is in charge of the ancestors of the household and rituals that are for the ancestors of the house hold. It is represented by the color gold and it is said it carries a fan.

So I decided to design all 5 (or 4, depending of the time). I have designed the layout and color schemes for the Guardian of the South and the East. Below is the documentation.

I decided that the Guardian of the South would be the jolliest of the five, and that he would look like a rich merchant that eats way too much. He would be wealthy, because he is the one that takes care of the fortune. He is also the wildest of the most, so he doesn't really like wearing armour much. However, he does like to have it luxurious. He has a beard, but barely, because he always burns it while work. (He deals with fire)

Then I decided that the Guardian of the East would be more stern and proper. He deals with sickness and unfortune, so I figured he'd be quite solemn. I tried to give him the most military-ish uniform. His uniform would be the most basic and traditional out of all. He even wears a hat, something that other guardians don't like wearing because they feel like it just has ceremonial value, but nothing that actually helps in combat. The Guardian of the East doesn't really get along with the Guardian of the South, ha.


Line Art? Cleaned up skethes

Color Schemes

I plan to paint them digitally.
It's not something I'm used to, so I think I'll be spending a lot of time in the cintiq labs...

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