Thursday, September 26, 2013

Design for Media project final!

The Menagerie project for my design for media project has come to an end. Unfortunately, although I had designed and sketched out 5 characters, I could only finish the West, the South, and the East in the given time. Which is still according to the project, because we only had to design 3 characters that are related to each other. I plan to finish the other 2 on my own time though.

Guardian of the West, Guardian of the South, and Guardian of the East.

(sketches of the 4 directional guardians)

(Hair styles for the guardian of the North)

(early designs for the guardian of the West)

(designs of the trident for the West guardian and costume designs for the North guardian)

(sketches of the Center Guardian)

(Sketches of the Center Guardian)


  1. I remember you telling me about your Korean Mythology project and I thought it sounded pretty amazing! It's nothing compared to see actual drawings though! Woah! Getting lost on your art blog is the best thing I've done this week!